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PHP for Beginners - Become a PHP and Laravel Expert

Do you want to become a Master PHP and Laravel developer? Do you want to be hired as a highly paid Senior PHP or Laravel Developer? Then your search ends at the right place! Here you will learn not just fundamental concepts but do advanced practices with practical exercises & projects.

Now get ready for taking your skills to another level and make large money by building professional applications. This Advance PHP course in Dunia Digital starts with the Demo Classes, and at the end, you will also get a valued certificate that supports your resume. In this advanced Web Development Course, you will learn all New OOP techniques with Hands-onReal-Life Projects!


  • Just a basic HTML concept.
  • No programming skills necessary for taking this course.

What you will learn in PHP

  • Databases in PHP
  • Object-Oriented PHP
  • CMS project-similar to (WordPress)
  • Form Submissions in PHP
  • Security in PHP
  • Variables in PHP
  • Math in PHP
  • Arrays in PHP
  • Control Structures in PHP
  • Comparison Operators in PHP
  • Mayor Loops in PHP
  • Functions in PHP
  • Constants in PHP
  • Super Globals in PHP
  • Sessions in PHP
  • Cookies in PHP
  • Learn to work with FILES
  • Custom search feature
  • Authentication
  • Learn to use jQuery + Bootstrap
  • RealTime Notifications with JS
  • Protect your credentials with .ENV
  • Learn Composer (PHP dependency Manager)
  • Learn to send emails - from PHP or using a third-party Package
  • And much more...

What you will learn in Laravel

  • what is Laravel | Introduction
  • what is composer
  • how to install Laravel
  • Architecture Concepts
  • Understanding MVC Framework
  • Folder and file structure
  • Routing with example
  • Controller
  • View
  • Blade Template
  • Form Validation
  • What is middleware
  • Database configuration and Fetch Data
  • Model
  • Http Request Methods
  • Session with login example
  • File Upload
  • Pagination with Database
  • Save/Delete/Update Data in Database
  • Migration
  • Seeding
  • What is API
  • Create First API
  • Deploy and Upload Project in Cpanel

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for full beginners in PHP.
  • No programming skill is needed at all!